advertising campaign



When was it started?

Anatolia resturants collection, are one of the successful and growing resturants, in fast food industry. After meeting its managers in our office, by consulting and collecting early brief of this company, we decided to take some special photos of their products to have remarkable effect and increasing in sale. We can say, photography is one of the best specialities in Zhahoo team. We decided to use these photos in menu and order food panel. The exciting

and marvelous menu which engages hungry customers. In other word, we gave visual identity to Anatolia, by designing an exciting panel.

Defining strategy:

Brand making of this company has been continued. We earned history book and set mission and vision of Anatolia collection. Then we made an appointment for third time. Its subject was offering new, interesting and adorable alternatives for absorbing more customers.

At first, Anatolia company offers due date print, but we found another suggestion based on last researches. Book print instead of due date print. Because it was economically affordable and also was more interesting to customers. We decided to design pocket book with educational and cultural content. In addition to mental and physical health subjects, this book has some useful subjects about simple life, fang shoe, astrology, psychology and color psychology. Also we introduced 7 popular foods of Anatolia in this book.

Distinctive features of Anatolia:

Some interesting features of this book are: a linear recipes that creat special visions, seting special page for readers (they can write a short line of themselves for next reader).

The most interesting and important point in this book is bonding book and kindness chain that encourages reader to put book in a general place. so, he/she can have a small part of this kindness chain. This book aimes to encourage and invite people to book reading and book sharing. Our expectance of this idea, is making Anatolia as a remarkable company, because:

This curve shows improvement process and advantages of selecting commercial campaign:

  • Leaving book in a general place leads to make Anatolia bold.
  • Anatolia is the first brand in this market field which attended to cultural subjects.

This curve shows improvement process and advantages of selecting commercial campaign:

Book advantages to maturity

Photos of anatolia

befor and after

this is a sample menu of anatolia befor and after designing by our team (you can see both samples in defined point by drag and click )