Advertising campaign planing sabrina


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When does it started?

Diar Khodro commercial campaign is one of oldest commercial campaigns of Zhahoo creative boutique. We have several years coporation with this larg automobile manufacturing. Introducing new automobile campaign such as M4 and Sabrina, was one of successful campaigns. At first, to know about this car’s phantasm and its feedback between people, we prefer to commute by this car for some days. We drove in different areas of Kraj and Tehran. Some times we stopped and some people asked us some questions about the car. After searching and observing people who were curious about this car, we found that most of this car’s fans are women and young people

At brain storming section, that holded by Zhahoo creative team, we concluded to design market’s goal based on youth and women. So, we designed creative and impressive posters that their main concentration was young generation. To improve public recognization of these automobiles, we started designing of Diar Khodro’s website
This website was welcomed in a good way. Industrial photography was the main part of our job at the most of Diar khodro’s campaigns. Photography of products which were so grandeur, with high quality and luxury, was our goal. We started to take some photos in different angles,from 0˚ to 360˚. We tasted different angles to find the best angle, but finally we found that showing photos of all angles will be more successful. Then we saw this idea (showing car’s photo in 0˚-360˚) welcomed so much in Diar Khodro’s website.

During several years of partnership with this company, several creative and successful posters, billboards, corporate identity, due date and magazins were designed and implemented.

What’s the result?

Now, automobile sales are improved in this company.

Photos of Diar Khodro