commercial name – strategy


making idea

When was it started?

Afew years ago Hamon Profile company, refered us and asked for consulting about his international exhibition performance. After searchin, we found some remarkable featurs of this company:

Hamon Profile considered as the most successful company in profile technology and these profiles were used in wall construction and suspended ceilings. Main point of these products was high quality and strength. Although Hamon profile was a start up company, it had a good platform in market.

Some jobs which we did:

  1. Planing and making commercial message of this company. A slogan by this concept: our profiles are very strong, with high quality.
  2. Preparing targeted and high quality photos and media of products
  3. Designing and creating slogan depends on company’s values: creating different quality.
  4. Picturing slogan in a nice and contexting posters.
  5. Designing and producing catalogs, brochures, office papers, website and all necessary accessories for strong presence in exhibition.

Photos of hamoon porofil