campaign planing



When was it started?

In addition to simplicity and brevity in brand designing we should be portrayed identity and function organization to record in person’s mind and create positive effects visual communication with organization as result , they attract person’s confidence and trust to themselves.

 by studying shapes and features of the various topics .

we find elephant the most appropriate symbol for the havasazan company.

In addition  greatness power has a direct relationship with company and grandeur it has a special feature that has a direct relationship with the company.

In fact elephant’s trunk and suction power are clear features of elephant we emphasized this topic in running logo  art direction.

We study elephants various forms a different angles and finally we choose flat design of elephant’s profile and monochrome without details until elephant’s  trunk observed the best and most attractive figure.

Basically rules in logo designing:


2)brevity  at least elements

3)standard interms of engineering (fibonacci)


By adding the elephant’s element to havasazan’s logo while we keep our previous logo’s structure, it find more relationship meaning.

With brand’s activity by exaggerating in elephant’s trunk, we reached elephant in customer’s memory.

When you see it, you entire elephant’s power is in it’s trunk

havasazan logo design acording to structure on fibonacci