Commercial name – Strategy


making idea

When was it started?

Mansour refrigerator is one of the —– producer in Iran. Today they enter the international market, by more than 3 decades honorific activity in cooling industry. One day, Mr.Jalalian, CEO of Mansour company came to our office. After preparing early brief, we started our job. First step, was choosing commercial name between Tessa & Mansour. Mansour name won more votes, because of having resume, 35-year-old record and being unique in cooling industry.

Logo and color:

The main remarkable item in designing logo was: refrigerator is an insulator between cold and warm areas. So, we selected colors in a minimal unit that is sign of cold and warm areas which were seprated by an insolator. The downward arrow in designed logo is the sign of decrease in temperature.


As well as Mr.Jalalian’s mind, their products have more quality than other antagonists. One of sensible featurs of these refrigerators is their temperature (-35˚c).

Depends on meetings and researches that Zhahoo creative boutique did, we found that the main problem of customers is not low temperature, it’s keeping products fresh. So, We suggested them instead of concentrating on low temperature, they pay attention to vision of their products.

So, we offered them to set lighting in refrigerator shelfs by LED lights. So, products in refrigerator will be clear. In addition to this, we found other shortage in Iran market. About 23% of customers are children who have high influence on their parents and most part of purchase relay on their choices. But some times they are ignored in stor industry. Because the height of refrigerators are higher than their height and they can not see products in refrigerators.

We suggested them to produce some refrigerators for children. So, they can take intended products from refrigerator. In fact, we added new product to refrigerator industry and finally our strategy was covering small and medium markets input and output of country.


After selecting strategy and defining our goal and confirming final logo, we started industrial photography from environment and products of Mansour company. We used these photos in cataligs,brochures, website and corporate identity.

pictures of mansoor