About us

Zhahoo seedlings sprouted the seeds of creativity since 1380 Little by little branches graphics, photography, ideas, MBA, branding… grew from its trunk and with all the experience, research, expertise and business confirmations and documents that we still believe Creative humans are creative even with a piece of charcoal.

What does zhahoo mean?

zhahoo is a novel that engineer Reza Zarini, founder of the zhahoo Creativity Boutique in 2002, coined this name. This name, which has recently been registered in the Persian dictionary, is as follows:

Sacred place and place – the place of creativity

zhahoo has become a new term these days, which friends call “ideas” (zhahooie) for creative ideas and ideas.

But what is the role of giraffe in zhahoo?

We chose Giraffes as symbols and characters for three reasons:

  • The angle of view of the giraffe is different from that of other animals, and it looks at everything from above, and this is the character of zhahoo. Creativity requires a profound look, for creativity we need to increase our visibility and look at everything from above to give our customers innovative ideas.
  • The second reason is the idea of ​​a giraffe’s interesting idea that the giraffe has solved the problem of the distant nature of food with strange creativity, that is, with its physical change over time. We also work with creativity to remove all the obstacles ahead.
  • We love the beautiful giraffe skin.

The advantages of zhahoo:

What are the advantages of our 14 years of experience and the companionship of various companies, mainly industrial and manufacturing, in the supply of the Iranian and international advertising market?

  • Understanding the Iranian Market: Iran’s economy and market have special patterns and patterns that can be learned only during the years of experience, and we have been spending money to learn its specific rules, and make these valuable experiences available for free. We empower our customers.
  • Specialization: Unlike most promotional collections, a team of professional jugawes is a creative team. Our designers do just one job, but they are highly specialized and professional.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Almost all of our customer’s orders first pass through the think tank, and then it’s executed. We recruited from the people we employ the MBTI’s creativity and ITT tests, and so on. We were able to bring ideologically and expert artists and Bring together the creative and create a unique one.

  • We are not just a propagandist: our ideas are not monopolized on advertising. We sometimes have an idea to produce new products, sometimes we have an idea for a different way of selling, and sometimes we propose a distinction to the customer.

 Example: Mansour Bedside Refrigerator

Example: Shiny steel stove

Reza Zarini

Managing Director

Specialty: Brand consulting

Pegah Goodarzi

Web design manager

Specialty: e-commerce

Maryam Razavi

Director of ateljee

Specialty: Graphic