About zhahoo creative boutique

zhahoo seedligns sprouted the seeds of creativity since 1380. Little by little branches of graphics , photography , ideas , MBA , branding… grew research , expertise and confirmations and documents that we have business , we still believe that creative people are creative even whith a piece of charcoal . advertising campaign design is the result of zhahoo’s 14 years old tree of artistic , industrial advertising and…. Idea that could improve our customer’s business or speed up the growth of their brands.

What is the role of giraffes zhahoo ?

We chose giraffes our character and smbol because of tree reson :

  • Giraffe viewing angle is different than the other animals and look everything upper than the other animals , this is the zhahoo’s character . creativity needs a deep look . tobe creative , you should increase yoyr vision breath to be creative and look at everything from above them to offer to our customers creative ideas .
  • Second , ther is an interesting theorya about the giraffe that it says : giraffe solved the problem of food in accebillity with a strange creativity of it’s physical change overtime . we are trying to take all obstracle a head by our creativity .
  • We’d love the pretty design of giraffe’s skin .

What is zhahoo?

Zhahoo is a innovative word that engineer reza zarini , the stablisher of zhahoo creative boutique cined and registered it in 1381 patented . this name has been registered recently in Persian dictionary means :

holy place – place of creativity :

 zhahoo has become a new term that our friend call the design and creative ideas ((zhahooei))

Zhahoo advantages :

What’s the advantage of 14 years of experience and various companies cooperation (mostly industrial and producer companies in the supply of the advertising market in Iran and international)?

  • recognition of iran market:

iran’s economy and market have their own patterns that can learn them with just a few years experience, and we have costs to learn this special rules, and we offer this valuable experience to our customers freely.

  • specialization :

Zhahoo team is consist of a specialzied creative team, unlike the most of advertising instute. our designers just do one thing, but in a professional way.

  • Creativity and innovation :

at first almost all of our customer’s orders pass trough our think-tank room, then they excecute.

we take creativity and MBTI tests from the employed people, so we brang together inventive, experts and creative artists and we formed a unique team.

  • We aren’t just a showman :

our ideas are not just for advertising, we offer different ideas, sometimes for producing a new product, sometimes for Different sales ways and for Make a distinction.

For example : Mansour Refrigerators

For example : Taban round steel oven

Team member of creative boutique zhahoo

somaeyeh heydari
geraphic designer
speciality : illustration
mehrnoosh taghizadeh
speciality : market development
zohre naeimi
financial manager and internal
speciality : acountant
reza xarini
speciality : brand consulation
sima babaei
logo designer
speciality : logo architecture
pegah goodarzy
web designer
speciality : e-commerce
sajad salimi
graphic designer
speciality : typography
parisa rezaei
geraphic designer
speciality : logical graphics

behzad babaei
web designer
speciality : website optimization