Work sample: designing Yazd Steel logo

Logo features: creative, contexting, native, proprietary, depends on international standards

Customer name : Yazsteel

Activity context : Producer and importer rail and related equipment

Activity brief : powerful in producing , high quality products (exquisite engineering)

نام مشتری : شرکت یزد استیل

زمینه فعالیت : تولید کننده و واردکننده ریل و تجهیزات مرتبط

وضعیت فعالیت : قدرتمند در تولید، محصولات با کیفیت (استحکام بالا، مهندسی دقیق)

former logo of yazd steel didn’t have necessary feature

First step: the first step of branding is having an appropriate logoT to creat proper message and more interest in customer’s mind. But the former logo of Yazd Steel didn’t have these features.

. To show Iranian identity of this company, we considered native and traditional features of Iran and we inspired by the domes of central mosque in Yazd that interwined with roots of this brand.

In Iranian culture and architecting, strong concentration, safety, tasteful and well thought are so important. The best sample of these features peers in Yazd central mosque. By using dome item, a particular font was designed to use in Yazd Steel logo’s typography.

So we started redesigning logo to show Iran identity, aims and strategies of this brand. In addition to being different and obeying international standards of designing.

Second step: to design Yazd Steel logo we used lion that is symbol of dominance and power. So, we should find meaningful relationship between Yazd Steel activity, power and lion. Similarity of lion face and real rail segment,completed content relation of this logo.

similarity of rail and lion face , is mixture of specialzed activity and dominance in specialized market

finally yazd steel logo shows the root of strengh , power and engineering talent in iranian body .

final logo of yazdsteel shows iranian orginality and brainy

all of these features were cleared in international standard of fibonacci and they prepared in defect sign to remain in customers memory .

finally , standardization of fibonacci scales

some samples :

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